Dear Dr. Linden,
I just want to thank you for the help you gave to me and my wife during our time of need last year...As you recall, we were on the brink of divorce and weren't sure that it was even worth trying any more.  To make a long story short, we are so grateful that we came for therapy, and that we did go the last mile to save our marriage.  On behalf of both of us, and our kids, thank you so much for your caring and support. 

Sincerely yours,
Bill and Ann


Dear Jim,
I am so glad that you have become a part of my life this last year!  Your patience, understanding and warmth have been a mainstay in my recovery from a life of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  I know that I need to stay strong for the rest of my life, but that if I do fall off the wagon, I can count on you being there for me. 

God bless!


Dear Dr. Linden,
Since our session last year, I have referred three friends to you for smoking cessation.  In all honesty, I never had to listen to the tape you made for me.  I walked out of your office last year and haven't had a cigarette since!  Thanks again for your help...Hypnosis really worked!



Dear Jim,
....Your kindness and genuine caring and warmth were the main reasons I stuck with you through the tough times.  I always knew that you were there for me.  A friend asked me why I was able to trust you as I do, and I replied "because I feel that he really likes me."  I know that sounds almost trite, but your genuineness and caring came through in every session and it was the most important thing that helped me to get through my depression and fears....

Thank you for being you!